This page contains a few downloads that people have requested for StarTopia.

StarTopia 3D mesh exporter

Here is a 3DSMaxģ exporter for the .SSM file format. Simply copy it into your plugins directory. It works with Max version 2 and 2.5, but sorry, not 3 or upwards. It will allow 3DSMax to export SSM files, but will not allow it to import them.

Some simple tips: Only use standard materials, only the diffuse and the reflection map channels in the standard material are read. To give you an idea of scale, a map square is 256 Max units in size, and a segment is 16x32 map squares in size. Your best bet is to first try replacing garbage\garbage.ssm. This is just a series of simple objects that are all the different kinds of litter in the game.

If you want to export animating objects; good luck. Thereís quite a lot you have to know about how we read the animations to be able to get the animations working. Here is a small amount of information: you must have Bones Pro installed, we export the skeletal information from that. You put all the objectís animations in the same Max file. You should put a note track in, hanging it off one of the bones. Then put notes in at the start of each animation.

Convert StarTopia to another language

If you have installed the game, these .zip files will let you convert the text in the game to any of the 5 languages that we supported. I havenít tested this very thoroughly so please make backups, be careful, and donít blame me if anything goes wrong.

English French German Italian Spanish

Installation instructions

Download the .zip file you want, then extract it into:

C:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\Mucky Foot\StarTopia\text (or a folder called something similar).

In that folder you will already see a folder with the name of the language that you installed. Then you must edit your startopia.ini which is in:

C:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\Mucky Foot\StarTopia\

You will see the line

TextLanguage=xxxxx (where xxxxx is your current language)

You can change this to the other language.

- Jan