Jan Svarovsky


Projects published

2019. Rovenna. A forward looking approach to simulation software for autonomous vehicles, digitising actual real world locations. Prototype video.

2018. Apple. Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up.

2015. Google. Google Earth iOS and Android, YouTube iOS, Google+ Local iOS.

2010. Svarovsky Productions Ltd. Analog Digital Clock, a cool clock app for Dutch designer Maarten Baas.

2009. 3mensio Medical Imaging BV. Vascular and Cardio products, and also SDK.

2006. Kuju Entertainment Plc. The Regiment, a first person shooter based on the SAS using the Unreal Engine and GameSpy internet multiplayer libraries.

2005. IdeaWorks3D Ltd. We converted PS1 V-Rally to the Sony Ericsson P900 and P800.

2002. Lost Toys Ltd.

2001. Mucky Foot Productions Ltd. The PC strategy game called Startopia. I have posted occasional updates, files, and information about the game here, and a demo version is available.

1998. Bullfrog Productions. Code in various titles such as Theme Hospital; Populous: The Beginning; Syndicate Wars PSX; Dungeon Keeper.

1995. Fine Particle Software. Various chemical engineering software.

Other Publications

I gave a talk entitled Booting It Out The Door at the European Developers Forum discussing how to manage the end of projects from a game programmer's perspective.

I have contributed articles to two books, Game Programming Gems volume 1 and volume 3:

Here's a talk I did at the Game Developer's Conference (the 1999 one).